Model: 58426: Subaru Impreza WRC08
Status: New built
Date: 7-Mar-2019
Comments: 12
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This is the sixth car I've built for Hess, and my fourth Impreza. I think Tamiya must have made more Subarus than any other make of car. There's six generations of Impreza, and then multiple liveries and years for each.

This is one of the newest cars I've done, not in terms of when the kit was bought, but the actual age of the real car. I discovered that a lot of the details I do aren't present on a modern rally car, for example no door locks (extra weight and not necessary on a rally car), no visible towing eyes etc.

Being a newer body as well, it has light buckets all round, and the details are well moulded, so no need to locate suitable buckets or fabricate styrene door handles or suchlike. It makes it a quicker build but the I do like the more dramatic difference of the more basic bodies.

Painting was super simple - just metallic blue with a black wing and mirrors, although I did complicate things by painting the splitter and front grille surrounds in TS semi-gloss black which required some tricky masking. The result is worth it though - having these areas non-shiny does wonders for the realism.

Doing the stickers was fairly painless too. I do love it when they are pre-cut as it saves a ton of time. The coloured sections are printed with a bleed (overlap) so the colour reaches right to the edge of the sticker with no clear border. Hess wanted the car to be the 2008 RallyRACC Catalunya version so I created and had the stickers printed for those. As I've done in the past those with a white background are printed on white vinyl to avoid translucency. It's a different car to the box art Rally Of Greece so has the '2 WRC' plate. The driver sponsor stickers are all custom printed too, the helmet graphics are an approximation as the real life complex airbrushed designs would be near impossible to reproduce at this size.

I'm particularly happy with a few aspects of this car - the front with the semi-gloss black surrounds, air ducting behind the grille and the bumper intake shaped section. This isn't quite exact to the real car, but again some artistic licence due to size and my ability! The wheels are HPI, in an E46 M3 style which although not exactly the same, the paired spoke design is more accurate than the kit supplied items. I added some small BBS logos.

As ever my techniques evolve with each build and there's a few new tricks in this one - I've used the Wrap-up Next red light texture stickers several times before, but unless there's a chromed light bucket behind then they don't tend to look quite right as there's no reflectivity. I then hit on the idea of using chrome paint, which works great. I'd previously used a circle of matte black vinyl for a rear wiper blank, but a thin styrene disc looks more realistic.

The chassis is my preferred TT-02 Type-S, and the gold springs with blue alu Hop-up parts match the Subaru colour scheme perfectly.

- Electric cutoff and fire extinguisher scuttle switches
- Styrene rear wiper blank plug
- Rear window heater elements
- Custom printed 2008 RallyRACC Catalunya stickers & '2 WRC' number plates
- Front splitter rivets
- Towing eye arrows
- LEDs painted chrome fitted to light buckets
- Front number plate mounted on thin styrene
- Rear spoiler mounted with short pins rather than body clips
- Front bumper mounting studs
- Front bumper ducting made from styrene
- Air intake ducting behind front grille
- Front grille surround painted semi-gloss black
- Grille STI badge mounted on thin styrene
- Lower bumper area painted semi-gloss black
- Front splitter painted semi-gloss black
- Stealth body mounts
- Custom printed driver suit and helmet sponsor logos
- Matte black roof trims
- Correct matte and gloss window frames
- Rear number plate light
- Grille and bonnet vents cut out and mesh fitted
- Bonnet vents mesh painted blue
- HPI Wheels painted TS gold
- BBS wheel logos
- MST black wheel nuts
- Tyre logos
- TT-02 Type-S wide track chassis
- Camber adjustment
- Rear toe-in removed
- Intercooler painted semi-gloss black
- Full cockpit set
- Pirelli and OZ logos on spare wheel
- Printed co-driver pace notes
- Styrene roll cage
- Exhaust (ABC Hobby) painted silver
- Brembo brake discs and callipers
- Windscreen wipers
- Roof aerials
- 3D bonnet catches (Wrap-Up Next)
- Bonnet washer jets
- Jacking points
- Body lines (Kyosho 0.4mm tape)

Front splitter rivets Rear foglight texture stickers Matte and gloss window frames Semi-gloss black painted grille ABC Hobby exhaust Aluminium bonnet vent mesh Custom RallyRACC stickers HPI wheels closer to real ones Rear wiper blank Styrene front bumper intake Custom printed driver logos




another fantastic build as always buddy.



Super Slick Scooby.



I am continuing to enjoy your builds and I've seen them on Facebook as well. Really great stuff as always. You continue to inspire to capture details that really work and share the information on how you did it. A+++ again.



Work of Art ! Pure awesomeness



Absolutely stunning!



Very nice, you do some amazing builds!



another stunning build, keep em coming!



Another great build!



Once again a fantastic result. Always excited when you finish another build. So many details made to perfection.



Another stunner......great work!



+ 1



The front end turned out perfect, will compliment the 1998 car you did nicely.

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