Model: (Click to see more) 58141: Jeep Wrangler
Status: Extra info
Date: 8-Mar-2019
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Part 3 shows a few of the techniques I used to paint and weather this vehicle.

I've also included some finished details of the personal touches I've incorporated (with more information and detail photographs in the dedicated thread in the Builds section of the forum) - and while I do not consider this a 'true scale' build in the traditional sense (not least with Ozzy behind the wheel) - it's about as close as I feel I can realistically achieve while having the vehicle remain robust and drivable... that said, I fear I'm going to need to fit a roll-cage of some sort to protect the driver and windscreen/door-tops in the event of a roll-over on more technical terrain.

Some of these build and weathering techniques are refinements of those I've used before during other builds in my showroom, and others (such as the wooden deck for the load-bay) are new to me - but either way I can't recall ever trying to include quite so many scale and realistic details in a single vehicle!

What has been most rewarding is to scratch build a full interior for an open vehicle which I can now fill with a myriad of scale accessories, while having the vehicle not only as a runner, but with a full LED lighting set (10 individual lamps), a working winch, and twin 6-cell stick-pack batteries that remain hidden from view.

custom checker-plate panels salt technique for corrosion and rust Chrysler Stone White paint all vehicle electronics mounted under bonnet 2nd battery holder under rear deck for winch masking for misting windscreen black wash used to highlight corrosion aluminium checker-plate interior RC4WD Hi-Lift jack, Axial wipers RC4WD Blazer LED lighting loom Louis points out a weak spot... ...repaired with an off-cut alloy brace Ozzy's fuel-gauge watch and Moon Eyes boss swept dirty windscreen sponsor decals and fuel filler detail Warn 8274 and rusty bumper CChand LED front indicators, mesh grille Yeah Racing 4-point belts and polished wood floor custom-made shop towels in 3D printed milk crate

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Mr duke


Wow!!!!!! that's just amazing love your work Jenny



Jenny, amazing. Cant wait to see more..... it looks so realistic as it is an original Truck, Jenny comon, you show us your real Truck in rosty Condition, isn,t it ??
i love your work and so happy to own one



Hee hee - thank you for kind words Desprinzla! There are a few more photos of the finished truck in Part 4 here in the showroom, plus some pictures taken outside in the Build thread on the forum here: [Click here] - I'm also waiting on a roll-cage, so there will be more updates as the build evolves even further!



Great scale work, now I know how to make some corrosion!

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