Model: 58141: Jeep Wrangler
Status: New built
Date: 9-Mar-2019
Comments: 7
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Part 4 showcases the complete vehicle.

March 2019 - showroom update:

Status: new-build

Name: ebaYJ aka. Daydream B'leafer

Chassis: leaf-sprung Trailfinder II copy

Body: Tamiya YJ Wrangler (modified to convertible long-wheelbase).

Currently it runs, and all the lights work too - just not together at the moment as I have to create a battery extension lead so that the batteries remain in situ (for charging) without having to remove the body shell each time.

I'm impressed with the axle articulation for such an antiquated set-up (leaf springs front and rear), and while it certainly doesn't flex like my 4-link coil-spring crawlers do, its nimble dimensions and good ground clearance (from the super scale Yota axles), coupled with surprising traction from the cheap ebay tyres - means it ought to be pretty capable in the rough stuff after all.

for info. I chose to fit a 27T Tamiya 'Torque Tuned' motor to the 5:1 ratio gearbox, and while it is not particularly fast overall, it offers a good compromise between crawling control and a reasonably scale turn of speed between hazards. The budget Mad-Gear [crawler] ESC features an excellent drag brake function, further aiding off-road control in technical terrain.

However, one thing is certain, it's going to need some kind of roll-cage* to not only protect Ozzy the driver, but also the windscreen surround and door-tops/side windows in the event of a roll over... this is going to be particularly important if the vehicle were to ever turn completely upside down, as with the twin batteries fitted it weighs-in at a not inconsiderable 9lbs 8oz (or 4.3Kg in metric!) - poor Ozzy!

EDIT: 18/3/19 - RC4WD metal roll-cage added (see photo 20)

There are a few more scale details to incorporate before this build is finally finished - I am waiting for some more interior items to arrive by post (contents for Ozzys cubby/cooler mainly), plus I need to shroud the steering column with a rubber gaiter, while I also intend to replace the aluminium foil on the dash with a suitable wood laminate, complete with instrument detailing and badging...

Then, it will finally be time to hit the trail!

a tatty trail-rig body stretched to fit longer wheelbase chassis metal grab rails and alloy panels Axial rear lights, scale Yota axles Stinger winch bumper and Warn 8274 Ozzy at the wheel, Yeah Racing harness full interior, Corbeau seats and cooler old rags and cutting discs, alloy dash full-size spare fits in rear... ...or loads of Ozzy's junk! good flex from droop-bias suspension twisting the night away Old Man Emu shocks (80mm) RC4WD Hi-Lift jack on scuttle 42' scale tyres, classic Weller steel wheels All wiring hidden, twin batteries as required custom Cherry wood load-bay No photos! (ok, just a few then) RC4WD lighting loom and CChand indicators new addition: RC4WD roll cage, and foam padding

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Awesome . I need to try those rust techniques



Looking fantastic! Where will you hide the 2nd batterie?



Hi Tamiyastef - if you look at Part 3 (or the thread in the Builds on the forum) you'll see the main battery is actually mounted horizontally above the gearbox, under the bonnet (this is why I want to be able to charge it in situ, without having to remove the body each time), while the 2nd battery (primarily for the winch) is under the rear deck as shown in the photo above for easier access.



Looks great!!



I now took a look at part 1-2-3 also. Should have done this before I asked. The end result looks even more impressive now I've seen the beginning.



Absolutely amazing! The level of detail is incredible. Love it!



A lot of amazing details on it, great job

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