Model: 58054: Super Shot
Status: NIB
Date: 9-Mar-2019
Comments: 3
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Here my original Super Shot and my Rere Bigwig. As kid I only had the Super Shot and thought the Bigwig was nicer -
seems I'm changing my mind - the SuperShot is really quite cool:
More robust body, better steering construction, metal damper stays...but both are still looking great.
Thanks for watching




Great pictures of two legendary buggies. Love the look of both, but I do prefer the Supershot as well.



Same here although I never had either one of them as a kid (both too $$ for my parents to purchase bitd). I rectified that back in 2009 when I purchased an original SS I restored as a shelf queen and about 6-7 years ago I added re-re SHS runner to the stable. Only one childhood friend of mine had a BW bitd and I was never a fan but I think that has changed so I'm very close to pulling the trigger on a re-re.



Nice pair. Back in the days I would have chosen the Bigwig but if you ask me now I would prefer the supershot.

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