Model: 58646: Konghead 6x6
Status: Project
Date: 14-Mar-2019
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I took these photos way back in September last year but got sidetracked with other projects and haven't come back to this until recently.

I bought this body a few years ago purely because I needed the tailgate for another King Blackfoot body. Believe it or not, I actually bought an NIB KBF bodyset when they were still around for not huge money, put a lot of work into customizing the body, and then somehow lost the tailgate! That was many years and a house move ago, so I can only assume it's still somewhere among the rafters of the loft at my old flat.

Anyway, the rest of the donor body was in good shape, apart from a missing chunk in the roof. I figured I'd make a passing attempt at replacing it before I stuck it on the Truck of Many Wheels.

I started by cutting some styrene sheet and clamping it up from beneath to add strength to the roof section. In theory this can be ground away later once the rest of the repairs are done.

Next I cut a plate of styrene to roughly match the missing section...

...added lots of glue, some thin styrene rod, and clamped the whole squidgy mess together

Glue dried

And sanded back roughly

Another layer of styrene sheet and rod added to build up the contours

And while that's busy drying, time to tidy up the cuts I made into the body and make it flat and even on both sides. I did this by taping some 40grit paper onto the workbench.


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