Model: 99999: Misc.
Status: NIB
Date: 14-Mar-2019
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We did a lot of renovation of our garden over the last few years, including taking apart some old concrete structures. I was left with a huge mount of broken concrete that on the surface looked great for crawling over but in actual fact was a pain for anything that had wheels smaller than a mountain bike. The gaps between the rocks were big enough to swallow half a car and nothing without serious ground clearance was ever going to get over them.

I figured I could make a really good crawling mountain if I could pad the rocks out with cement, so we planned a patch of garden for me to build my 1:10 scale mountain.

Unfortunately we didn't have space to store all that concrete while the rest of the garden was being renovated, so it got hauled away in a skip. But that was OK, or so I thought, because we had another concrete path to take up, and this time I could keep the concrete for my mountain.

Well, it didn't turn out quite as good as all that. The path was a lot thinner than the other structure, so we ended up with slabs rather than rocks. Another drawback was that it had been laid over some kind of very dark (almost black) gravel substrate, which looked really bad. It might have been alright for a 1:10 scale lava field but not for a nice granite mountain.

Not to be deterred (and not to lose my last free rock to the skip) I got on and put the mountain together at the end of last year. Of course it was winter, cold, raining, dark, and generally miserable, so I didn't have time to use it until a few weeks ago when the sun came out for a little while.

At the moment it doesn't look very good - the concrete chunks are held in place with cement but the horrible black gravel is still visible. I have considered putting my hand in my pocket for some better rocks from a garden centre, but it would be expensive, so my future plan is to mix up loads more concrete and cover the whole thing. That should help to smooth it out, too - the concrete chunks are incredibly grippy, so much so that it's way easier to climb than it should be and in places looks like it's going to snap an axle. It was grippy enough to take a beadlocked tyre off the rim...

My starting patch:

The finished mountain:

SCX10 G6 Edition crawling making it look easy




well done so far!

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