Model: 58074: The Grasshopper II
Status: Restored
Date: 14-Mar-2019
Comments: 2
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I was given this loft find box of bits on Tuesday by a friend of mine for bashing or spares ! Chassis was filthy, wheels wrecked on the edges, body heavily scraped after years of flips. Something that night made me think could I restore it ? Tuesday Night: stripped decals, sticky stuff removed, cleaned, sanded the body to remove the scratches and then a coat of plastic primer, while drying removed rusty suspension and polished, sanded wheels back and tyres cleaned. Started cleaning the chassis. 2:00 AM bed.
Wednesday night: two coats of Ford Brilliant white, which was the colour of my Ford XR3i back in 88 when the GH2 was first released. More chassis cleaning and suspension rebuilt. 1:30 AM Bed.
Tonight ball raced wheels, electronics back together. Put a battery on, found a spare Acoms controller and crystal set.
This is my first hard body Restoration and in 3 evening pretty chuffed. Vintage MCI DECALS ON THER WAY.




Congrats! Very nice piece of work. But what I like most is the way you describe the fever of restoration that makes us sacrifice sleep in order to turn a dusty loft find into a beautiful vintage car.



Wow, really nice work!

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