Model: 58071: Sonic Fighter
Status: Project
Date: 15-Mar-2019
Comments: 2
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A new project to keep me busy for a while.
Apart from the thick hand painted green paint, this buggy seems in great condition.
The rear side tabs have come off so I'll probably have to attach two metal brackets to help hold the lower arm mounting points on.
I plan to strip and repaint in silver
Nearly all the parts haven't been trimmed properly
This never ran in this condition!

UPDATE 05/04/2019
Pictures updated to show primer on after stripping the chassis and body of 99% of the green paint
Still need a front body mount, switch holder, undamaged roll cage and servo mounts to finish it off properly

When it arrived Now in parts and cleaned a small split needs repairing Now in mica silver



Good Project

Danny ( SCOUBI)



Yeah nice project, The ugly duckling in Tamiya's 100! But has its charms! Good luck with that paint mate!

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