Model: (Click to see more) 58502: Blitzer Beetle 2011
Status: How To Guide
Date: 16-Mar-2019
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Hi Guy's
Its that time of the week again where we grab a few minutes at the weekend to tinker with our Tamiyas.
I thought I'd share the 2 main products I use to detail and protect the dusty cars prior to storage. Starting with my blitzer paintwork which was incredibly dusty.
I hope this is not too

Thanks chaps

A few car world items to bring the bling Keeps tyres supple and new , long lasting 2 Quick detailer Shines and protects from u.v Great results on the body!! Hope this helps chaps 2011 Tyres protected, and complete




Seems to work perfectly! good tipps are never boring!
Great models, one of my favourites, too.



Nice showroom condition examples. Great job.
The polish will also help to repel future building up of dust too.

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