Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: NIB
Date: 20-Mar-2019
Comments: 4
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I got this very cool Otaki from another member recently. Ill let him identify himself, if he wants to. But thank you, what a superb opportunity to own the RC nib.

As he said to me, which is one of the best lines ever on a purchase.... I was always torn to build it or not, but now thats your problem now.

Indeed it is, eeek.




Equally as cool as Tamiya imho. Nice find Rob!



Hey mate! Sorry don't really check TC anymore as it is literally a shell of its former self Ever since the rebrand. Cracking car mate, enjoy it!!



Thanks guys, you should know better than anyone else it’s a cracking car .

People have moved on to social media but I still like the library and comment function here. Just need plugging into the modern platforms ??

sand scorcher-mk1


Nice one Rob. I have 3 OTAKI beemers. First one i got as a kid. Love them but they were very slow to run.

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