Model: (Click to see more) 58611: Honda City Turbo
Status: New built
Date: 21-Mar-2019
Comments: 2
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Got to the stage where I can post this up.
Completed the build in December and just about finished the body.
The front body post I have left until I do some final running and testing of the shell fitting.
Left off some stickers and roof wing, finished in Tamiya TS-17 Aluminium.
White hop-up chassis, springs and CVA shocks were added.
The bonnet holes I'm undecided on fitting mesh or the intakes....mmmmm

UPDATE 08/05/2019
White hop-up gearbox, servo saver and wheel hubs installed

UPDATE 13/09/2019
Added a closed off clear sunroof and stuck the red vents on!

2 1 white gearbox white front hubs white rear hubs




Mate have you run this yet? 100% fun!!!



Only indoors so far! Dying to get out there though!

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