Model: (Click to see more) 88887: Any Tamiya RC Model not listed.
Status: Parts
Date: 25-Mar-2019
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The french Tamiya distributor T2M released a modified Tamiya TGS-R chassis with a Hotworks body fitted to it. They basically took a standard 43515 TGS-R Porsche Carrera GT kit and added the Hotworks body. They then placed labels over the end of the kit labels showing the changes. It was sold in France for Christmas as kit number T6790. When I saw one for the first time in Neobrunox's showroom I knew I had to have one. Wind forward the clock 6 months and I have finally found the long since discontinued body shell, new in Japan. Now to build a Porsche GT chassis. The bottom two pictures show the original T2M kit with the Carrera GT wheels and the label that they put over the Tamiya one.




Very nice ! Never heard or seen before..



Nice find, these are sure very rare. Mine is still Nib at this time

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