Model: (Click to see more) 58361: Thundershot
Status: New built
Date: 28-Mar-2019
Comments: 6
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Trying a few upgrades with this one.
Last christmas while sorting through my spares I established I had enough spares to build two tshot buggies.
So I started to slowly build up a set and have just recently finished.
This time around the whole car (except in two locations) has steel shafts installed rather than the standard screw pins.
The two locations that are screw pins is unavoidable because the end of the pin has no visible end.
A TBG body was installed which raises another issue, they typically are not molded correctly around the front body mount which creates an issue where the front body mount is not tall enough for a snap pin.
However over at at the Thundershot Pit stop run by badaboom49 he has created a slightly modified front body mount that addresses the issue, I have a picture of it installed!
Find it here.....

I even remembered this time to add the sponge dust protectors for the ball connectors.
Also built with 13t steel pinion, steel brace, tamiya bz motor and full ball bearings.

UPDATE 05/04/2019
The shafts used in this build came from the following parts....
Tamiya 53301 stainless steel shaft set
Tamiya 54695 (used for the inc. 37mm and 52mm stainless steel shafts)
Tamiya 53539 spacer set (to remove slop from shafts)

2 Shapeways body post 1 1 1 1 1




Very nice mate you have done a real nice job with this!



Very clean build - nice work!


Do you know a good source for the steel shafts? I can find the longer shafts to replace the BS3's but can't find anything for the BS4's



Tamiya 53301 shaft set contains the 46mm and 22mm replacements for the screw pins, the other sizes were trickier so as you can see i used Tamiya spacer set to reduce slack

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