Model: (Click to see more) 43509: NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R R32
Status: Restored
Date: 29-Mar-2019
Comments: 2
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At first glance a Tamiya Skyline wouldn't appear that rare. Tamiya have made and continue to make loads of them in all the different guises. However, couple the R32 body with a Tamiya TGS chassis and you get the very rare 43509 kit.

This is the car that has been the subject of one of my recent build threads. The body and chassis are not difficult to get but information on how Tamiya built this model is very difficult to get. When you search for the model number online you get one picture of the box, a rear wing being sold and that's about it. The only other reference I have is a picture in the Perfect Guide book.
Nobody else has ever listed one on the site and the box has most of the text in Japanese so I believe it was a Japan only release. I already know that the TGS is not that popular in Japan.

So, as the build thread shows I have taken some guesses on some of the details, body colour and which wheels I think the pictures show. Now the body is finished this is the end result. The wheels are getting very hard to get now and were used on the Lexus and SVT Mustang kits. The body was painted by Jonboy1 here on the site and once again he has done a great job.

A great looking body and a great looking TGS.





Looks great in blue too, what a nitro car i would like to have !



Yeah very looks smart.

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