Model: (Click to see more) 58168: Alpine A110
Status: NIB
Date: 10-Apr-2019
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Nib. Part of a very extensive collection where the owner had succumb to cancer unfortunately and his painting and decal work was exceptional. It was an impressive collection which was already picked over by the local car clubs which I am, not a member. I saw a new built 58001(wow) and they had also sold a 58002. They still have a 30th Anniversary Porsche to sell . It was great catching up with Bluefoot(Don) who picked up some stuff also. I also got a number of tamiya bodies from the same era (a couple finished nicely by the craftsman) and when I have time to photo I will add as they had a Rc garage sale where probably 40 odd people turned up. It is a mammoth task for them to move everything. They will list some stuff on EBay at some stage after they have a breather for a couple of months.

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