Model: 58124: Super Hornet
Status: Extra info
Date: 11-Apr-2019
Comments: 3
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This is the second out of five Super Hornets that I somehow managed to end up with as I tried to come up with one good runner and one shelf queen to keep and it's the second one that I'm selling. I kept it period-correct and added a radio, charger, battery, spare chassis and extra rims/tires from the small pile of SH parts I have to make this nice RTR example that is currently available on Ebay. I'll be posting my runner and shelf queen once they are completed. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.

Nice old-school set up with MSC. Ebay auction picture.

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Nice buggy!



That guy got good value from those tyres lol, nice buggy l had one a few years ago and enjoyed it very much, but it handled crap really but defo fun on the beach! I regret l sold it to be fair.



@MAD-BEE: Yep, those original rear tires are slicks now for drag racing! I have a similar SH story. The reason I ended up with 5 SHs was because I sold the first one I bought and built for my late grandfather many years ago because he was never able to use it and I ended up regretting it after he passed away. Beach bashing is definitely where the SH is comfortable as nobody expects great handling from these buggies.

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