Model: (Click to see more) 58041: The Frog
Status: Restored
Date: 4-May-2019
Comments: 4
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OK guys I eventually got round to adding a frog to my collection, it only took 33 years since I last owned one lol.
This one I decided to go the full stretch and take a rerelease tamiya body shell and driver figure and go super fine detailing on the driver and a fresh look on the spoiler, but keeping it to the original colours. I spent some time looking at so many colour schemes but the pink and white can't be beaten. It so iconic that it wouldn't be a frog any other colour. The chassis and electronics are all period. The frog was won on ebay along with the original body but not up to a display standard. Included in the auction was all the boxes including the futaba radio box. Also the frog spares which are not needed in the original build including all the unused decals hence you can see I used in the finished body with a few extra vintage ones. This vintage kit was built but never used and included all the paperwork and brochures. So I have waited a long time to own one but the right won for the right price is finally in my private collection. Injoy the pics and thanks for looking! Pinpoint.

Let's add some fine detailing! 2 Fine detailing. Keeping a razer sharp line on the paint work. 1 Indevidualy cut squares for the checked effect. 1 A different approach for the decals, 2 All period and bagged up and ready to go! 1 Pin spikes always look great from tamiya! 1 Patience and good eye sight needed. Bends are super tricky!

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This one is staying with me.....




very nice paintjob



Great job on the body looks well smart!



Thank you guys for the kind comments.

Mr duke


i agree with MB very smart indeed

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