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Status: Parts
Date: 30-May-2019
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Picked these up from Japan auction site and they have a couple of small blemishes on them that you can see at the bottom of the picture which leads me to the question what is the beast way to gently polish Tamiya aluminium wheels?

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Tamiya aluminium spoke wheels 53140?




I had a set of these back in the day...very nice indeed.



with a small lathe you can remove 1/10ths of a mm at a time when you have dents. stains will simply polish out with polish past. Nice rims btw!



Wish I bought these as well back then (Close out sale, bought lots of stuff for peanuts, but I wasn't rich enough to buy it all... still ain't), but to me these didn't look quite as good as the 6 spoke 53140 wheels.

Personally I wouldn't polish them, or maybe I would, but then probably use something like Scotch Brite to make them look like brushed aluminium/aluminum again.

Give me some time and I may be able to give you some tips...
Right now I'm very busy, so it may take a couple of weeks or maybe even longer, but my 53140 wheels look a lot worse.

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