Model: (Click to see more) 58188: Cliff Opel Calibra
Status: NIB
Date: 9-Jun-2019
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Made this TA02 from NIP with various options: I added ball bearings, the pink dempers, the hard drive shaft, the all king pins, a re-re FRP chassis conversion, yeah racing carbon demperstays and a home made carbon fibre chassis (red resin in stead of clear resin in the CF) The tires are Ride and work perfect on my indoor carpet track. The rear and front light were masked and glued with an offset on the inside of the body for a 3D more realistic effect. The ECS is a recent Tamiya and the motor is a 15.5t Brushless with the stickers removed and replaced by a repro Dyna-Run sticker. I added the speed tuned gear and it runs fast enough. Hope you like it. Update I added a CF front splitter to reinforce the body in front. see last pictures

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