Model: (Click to see more) 58611: Honda City Turbo
Status: Runner
Date: 11-Jun-2019
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Surprise, surprise, yet another Honda City Turbo!.

I think most people know I am quite fond of these daft little cars. The affection (or affliction!) goes back to the original Willys Wheeler I had when I was young. Now it has grown into quite a big collection, almost a full grid, so it was about time for a Safety Car to keep things in order.

The body was a bargain from another Tamiya Club member. I had most of a chassis in my spares box so I only needed to get a few bits to complete the car. The chassis has a few basic hop-ups: bearings, steel pinion, oil shocks, alloy servo mounts and gearbox brace. I made some longer spacers so there is more clearance between the wheelie bar and the body, and added a twin wheel conversion.

The body has a few modifications and extra details too. LEDs in the headlights and tail lights and a little control unit so the lights can be on, off or flashing. The sunroof has been filled and the roof light bar fitted. Front towing eye and mesh in the front intakes, and a small panel at the rear with some more mesh and a pair of exhausts. It means a little more care is needed when fitting the body but I like the extra detail. Not sure I would do it again though!

I made a basic interior, though not quite as basic as my other Hondas so it feels like progress. And of course, a driver. The first attempt at a driver saw Wild Willy kitted out in a matt black crash helmet with orange flames. Admittedly not your everyday Safety Car driver gear, not really appropriate. But was it inappropriate enough?
Then a friend asked me to make an Evel Knievel style driver for him, and an idea happened.

So here is how it looks now. Willy Knievel in his nitrous-boosted wheelie-popping Safety Car. Sounds about right to me! Hope you like it too.



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Another very cool model as expected from you! Love the black center/ silver lip rims...



Love it!

Max Power


Great car, it makes me want to get one!

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