Model: (Click to see more) 58059: Porsche 959 4WD
Status: Restored
Date: 14-Jun-2019
Comments: 8
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The Porsche 959 for me is the biggest Tamiya icon ever. I can remember looking at pictures of it as a boy and fantasising I would pick this one, if I was told I could choose just one from all Tamiya models. Of course this never happened.

so, some +30 years later, I came across this relatively good looking, not too high priced 959 chassis on E-Bay. Before I knew it, I placed an offer and won! Ok, nice, now I have a chassis, but no body. I looked into the options and decided I wanted an original one but I didn't want to pay the money that new bodies are offered for now. So, luckily, I came across this relatively nice original body on E-Bay again, for a reasonable price, and bought it.

The Chassis is in good condition, all important parts are there and the Technigold motor is included. I will do a full rebuild on the chassis, checking all parts and replacing all bearings etc.

The body, as you can see, is not new and far from perfect. But I like the weathered look. It has scratches and small dents and tears, it has some reproduction decals but I like the overall character very much. You can tell it is an old model, it shows, it looks like it is in the middle of an actual rally!

I did already put quite some time in the body to get it better though. For example getting the window trims nice and straight, cleaning, re-modelling the damaged blue lights on the roof, red filler cap, adding aluminium details on the hood, re-painting the rear lights in the correct colour scheme (indicator and rear lights were swapped), painting the exhausts, etc.
After visiting the Porsche museum in Stuttgart some weeks ago, I also decided to add some more details like the 4 aluminium brackets for the windshield, the holes in the rear light brackets on the roof and a pair of wipers.
I took some pictures in the museum of the 959 of course for detailing my model. I will share these pictures in another showroom item.

I will add some electronics to the model and probably run it once (very carefully!) to see how it performs.
After that, I will enjoy the model on the shelf.

Hope you like it too!

2 1 2 Added 4 aluminum windshield brackets. Drilled holes in the rear light brackets. The real thing. 1 Added pair of wipers. 1 1 1 2 3 2




Well, three 959 on the home page today... I'm almost crying



Very nice!!



That’s a sexy car!



Nice mate and l would love to drive one too just to see how it performs! Always interested in the suspension set up on these! What's the damper effect like?



Absolutely a fine surviver. As you say. The body has some blemishes but this defenitely adds to his character.
Love it.



Very nice as it is



what a beauty



Thanks guys!!

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