Model: 99981: Traxxas
Status: Restored
Date: 27-Jun-2019
Comments: 1
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I received this from a mate who was moving and did not want to take it with him. It was rather untidy and in need of some parts. It sat under my work bench for a while, but eventually decided it was time to have a crack at it. I wanted to try the peroxide plastic whitening method before I tried in on a really early RC10 that I have got, and it worked a treat. I modified the front end with some later parts so as it would accept hex fronts, I am pretty happy with how this one turned out, and it looks right at home o; the shelf with similar vintage buggies.

Modern 2.2 wheels and rubber The before pic White nylon in peroxide Minus the steering bits Late model Bandit bits Roller Alongside an RC10 Classic




Great Job mate.

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