Model: (Click to see more) 58594: Lowride Pumpkin
Status: New built
Date: 2-Jul-2019
Comments: 2
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Now that I consider the majority of my existing models finished, in an effort to provide some sort of consistency in my showroom, I thought I would re-photograph them and consolidate each entry with essentially a specification sheet together with a brief summary of the modified and custom-built elements.

In most cases there are further details in the Extra Info entries section of my showroom as each model has typically evolved over the years, together with dedicated build threads in the respective section/s of the TamiyaClub Forum.

model name: TaMater (Tam' ata)

driver: Larry Willy (custom sculpted Wild Willy head on Sand Scorcher driver body, with Wild Willy gloves)

body: Lowride Pumpkin (1953 Ford F-100)

chassis: M-06 (Lowride Pumpkin kit)

wheels: f: Lowride Pumpkin wheels 1.5 (narrowed) / r: Knight Hauler 1.7 dual rear wheels (narrowed)

tyres: f: Sand Scorcher The Smoothee / r: Rough Rider front tyres (x 4)

motor & transmission: stock Lowride Pumpkin 540 motor and gearbox - RWD

suspension: stock Lowride Pumpkin friction coil-over shocks

wheelbase: 210mm

track width: f: 140mm / r: 153mm

overall width: 195mm

overall length: 365mm

overall height: 184mm

custom features: Originally built for the 2014 WBO (Winter Build-Off) competition, I bought a complete Lowride Pumpkin kit as a reasonably affordable way to get the body/chassis and electronics.

The idea was to try and maintain this budget-build ethos where possible, and use as many Tamiya and existing spares I had - to create a homage to Tow Mater from the Disney Pixar movie Cars.

The crane was constructed from a pair of Wheelie Bus body mounts and a modified Wily Willy 2 winch - and held in place with hooks and chain to the Pumpkin roll-bar, therefore the whole assembly is removable to covert the truck to a standard pick-up style if desired.

Aware that movie Mater is not a Ford, and that trying to fabricate an actual face on the front of the vehicle would be exceptionally difficult to achieve - I decided this would ultimately be more of a scale build, while trying to incorporate as many of the key attributes that movie Mater featured - such as the fuel filler, rear cross-member towing shackles, rear work lamp and amber beacon - and not least that (at the time) this would be the most elaborate weathered paint job I'd undertaken, with multiple colours and rust textures, which required multiple masking to achieve.

The door decals are individually applied Letraset lettering, and LED lighting was included (just a simple 4 lamp loom) - the single working headlight and rear work lamp in a vintage yellow, and a pair of 3mm red tail-lamps fitted in what were the original rear bumper mountings, with round lenses attached.

Originally the vehicle ran on four skinny wheels (the Lowride Pumpkin wheels, narrowed to 15mm and Sand Scorcher front tyres all round), but in 2017 I decided to finally convert the rear end to dual rear wheels using Tamiya 1:14th Truck wheels - narrowed by 5mm to better mate with the Rough Rider front tyres, and mounted on wider Wild Willy 2 rear stub axles. The additional width required the original step-side rear wheel-arches to be cut and extended by 10mm on each side.

More recent updates and additions are the Ghost Light lantern on his crane, the period wing mirrors, and replacing the original pin and clip style body mounts at the front with hidden magnet mounts for a flush bonnet. I've also invested in some high-quality engraved licence plates - Arizona being the spiritual home of Radiator Springs in the film. JM

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