Model: 58525: Wild One
Status: NIB
Date: 4-Jul-2019
Comments: 4
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Decided I needed a model to take with me to the various Tamiyaclub Documentary sessions I've got coming up. Originally thought I'd take a sand scorcher but changed my mind, loving the look of the wild one and thinking it might be a bit less fragile. Really looking forward to building this :)




Build mine was a pleasure and driving it it's great.
I've chosen a Sport Tuned after that a LRP Runner destroyed the transmission.
The Sport Tuned is enough without stress for yourself ad for the car, IMHO.



Love these, just built one ready for Revival. Really impressed with it, the shocks need modifying with different springs but the build quality on the parts is secind to none. Enjoy it Chris as this thing is addictive.



Nice choice! A perfect balance of performance and looks!



Nice acquisition Chris! Be careful however, if this is your first WO build, it could get you into trouble as it might not be your last.

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