Model: (Click to see more) 94211: The Hornet Supreme
Status: NIB
Date: 5-Jul-2019
Comments: 5
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I am guilty of being one of those people who has too many hobbies and interests, and although Tamiya RC collecting is still probably my number one hobby I also have always had a strong interest in fashion brands and also over the last six years have become something of a 'sneakerhead', amassing a collection of 70+ sneakers. So with me being into the sneaker collecting hobby I am well aware of the Supreme brand, as a lot of sneakerheads wear Supreme items of clothing to go with their limited edition Nike, Adidas et al shoes.

So I was intrigued last year when I saw this kit announced, a collaboration between Supreme and Tamiya, of all companies. Most people in the RC hobby seemed to react with extreme indifference but I was actually pretty excited by the idea. The prospect of Tamiya doing collaborations with the sporting giants that are Nike & Adidas is something that I find really exciting. It probably won't happen of course but we all know how Mr Tamiya likes to surprise us.

Anyway, another reason that I wanted this kit is that I just love the Hornet. After the Hotshot it is my favourite Tamiya buggy of all time and I am also a sucker when Tamiya do a 'special' of one of their iconic buggies...especially if they make the effort to rework the box-art too.

So after finally finding one of these for a decent price -- they usually have silly money asking prices as the people selling them seem to think they are dealing with dumb sneakerheads who regularly pay ludicrous resell prices for shoes -- I can add this one to my Watanabe, Black Metallic & standard kit.

1 An intriguing take on a RC icon 1 Love the new box-art 1 Internal partition gets the Supreme treatment too. 1 The iconic body remains the same though. Manual gets a twist too 1 Deal sheet is huge The usual plastics... ...and goodie box contents. 2 The Hornet collection grows! Fiery!

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Laughed when I first saw these but now the joke is on me.




I love all Hornets even the pink spotty one! and this version is really nice too! But why does Tamiya not pop in a sport tuned or even a torque tuned? and some ball bearings? It is a Supreme after all! Cool swarm mate!



Thanks MAD-BEE. Yeah, I agree, they really should make an effort to make these 'specials' that extra bit special...



Wow those 4 kit boxes look great together, all the same but each one different



Cheers Kym, yeah always nice to see a different take on box-art. Just a pity that they didn't do it for the Black Metallic version too.



I want ONE !!!! very cool

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