Model: (Click to see more) 58418: The Boomerang
Status: Runner
Date: 2-Aug-2019
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I built one of these when I was 12 years old with my dad staying up all Christmas day and night to build it, and when I found out there were re-releases I just had to build one all over again. This time of course I could get all the parts I couldn't afford as a kid.

List of hop up includes:
- Full Ball bearings
- Hex Wheel Adapters
- 2.2' Dark Impact (DF03) Rims
- Hotshot Re-release Propshaft & Adapters
- 4 Shock Conversion
- 3Racing Alum Dampers
- Top Force Universal Shaft Front Shafts
- 10.5T Brushless motor/ESC
- 17T pinion
- Custom front A-arm brace

Goes like stink and is super fun to bash!

Update: Managed to get a hold of some new old stock Super Sabre parts now almost all of the blue highlights are red! Plus some Gmade shocks to complete the look.

12 Boomerang, motor side 3 Boomerang 10 Custom A-arm brace 8 Dressed up in red! 3 Ready for business Super Boomerang Sabre!




That looks ace!

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