Model: (Click to see more) 58384: Subaru Brat
Status: New built
Date: 10-Aug-2019
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My first encounter with one of these was a school friends back in the 80's.

How I marvelled at the shear speed, handling and detail of the thing compared to my 5 D sized battery powered toy grade Beach Buggy. But at least I was still going some hour and half after his Brat had gone flat :)

It was a toss up 2 years ago between one of these and a Stadium Blitzer, but went for the Blitzer then. After seeing the Brat sell the following year about a week before I was looking to add it to the collection I was gutted. But for some reason or another came up for sale again at the same shop for the same great price earlier this year, so I wasn't going to pass it up a second time.

I have really enjoyed this build bringing back memories but wanted to (as most do) put my own stamp on it. I was after a bit of a moody urban look to it and had the colour decision down to Subaru Jasmine green, and Holden Prussian Steel. The latter being the choice I went for. Also wanting not to have the white nudge bar, roll bar or wheels showing so would have probably been beneficial in that regard to have looked into a crystal ball to have seen the Blue Edition announcement coming very soon after the purchase. Oh well you pay your money and take you chance.

I also decided to 'black out' the lights to get the type of look I was after. I am very happy with the end result. This was also my first insight into Motolow Liquid Chrome for trims.

The Sport Tuned chassis get run with the Polycarb' body on. Just a shame you have to swap the rear post's over for the appropriate body. Small price to pay to keep the hard body looking good though.

Cheers for now, Thanks for looking :)

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Both bodies look great. Brat is iconic indeed, I love stories from childhood times too, top stuff



A Brat with attitude!! Both!! Plastic shell is the business!



Thanks very much



great looking Brat(s) nicely detailed and the color schemes work very well

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