Model: (Click to see more) 99981: Traxxas
Status: Runner
Date: 14-Aug-2019
Comments: 6
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Haven't been on here in awhile but I have been doing some limited RC stuff with getting engaged to a very nice girl and doing some other hobbies for a few years. But I have a bunch of little projects I'll be working on soon. This is one of those new Traxxas TRX4 sport with the Traxx system installed, it actually came with some Orange unlicensed generic pickup body which I sold on ebay and replaced with the Bronco body, it really needs some weathering but for now it'll do. I was surprised how well it actually worked in mud and dirt, on the rocks the high friction made it hard to steer but otherwise a fun truck. The track came off once but was easy to put back on.

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Great to see ya, yeah been a while and congrats on getting engaged Seth! Great looking truck! Looks very capable indeed!!! A real off road machine!



Fantastic go anywhere Truck.



Great looking truck. Who makes the tracks?



Thanks guys, The tracks are new factory Traxxas units and came with the truck, also available seperate for the TRx4 but it says only for use with locked diffs



Holy Smokes!!! Seth is back! Congrats on the engagement!!! Nice truck too.....

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