Model: (Click to see more) 47330: The Bigwig (2017)
Status: New built
Date: 27-Aug-2019
Comments: 3
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Tamiya Bigwig 2017 re-release, to be used as a runner. Initially ran with kit GT Tuned motor, TBLE-02S ESC and 15T pinion, some fun bashing around but a measly 17mph recorded on GPS.
Now upgraded to Tamiya Brushless Motor 02 (Sensored) 10.5T with the Tamiya fan added to the ESC
Also upgraded to steel pinion gears (15T and 17T), 54501 aluminium propellor shaft, 19808130 prop shaft joints, 49435 DF-03 blue dampers and 53832 DT-02 springs

4 First run, all kit parts, Ogmore-by-Sea 1 First run, all kit parts, Ogmore-by-Sea 3 First run, all kit parts, Ogmore-by-Sea 2 New ESC / fan platform cut from ABS sheet 2 Wanted this box for over 25 years! 4 Front blue DF-03 dampers 4 Rear blue DF-03 dampers & carbon shock tower 6 Aluminium prop shaft and upgraded cups 5 Power! 3 Sourced some original decals from MCI Racing 2 Not a bad first go at a driver!




Good upgrades! What were the gains?



Only completed one quick test run so far on the 15T pinion, and the GPS read 24mph, which is a decent bump. It was only a light gravel car park so hard to tell what the shorter shocks have added but cornering under braking was tighter. Haven't given it a good off-road test yet, or tried the 17T pinion!



Great buggies, I am pretty happy with anything that can go 17mph but I mostly run scale trucks so my stock Bigwig is the fastest car I own lol!

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