Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Runner
Date: 11-Sep-2019
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This is a scan of a polaroid that I took back in 1980 I think. Both the sand scorcher and the camera were christmas/birthday presents. Being born on Christmas Day, it meant I could combine presents and have 'one big one' if I wanted and this year I eventually talked my mum into buying me a second hand Sand Scorcher from out of the classifieds of the Nottingham Evening Post. It was beat up when I got it, and I didn't help it by just over spraying the paint that was already on, with a layer of some sort of Silver spray I had.

This is a pic of it jumping into my brown bedroom from off the landing, the length of my bedroom was about the same as a single bed, so thats how much space I had to try and bring it to a stop before it smashed into the wall opposite. Seem to remember most of my bedding was stacked up there to try and prevent damage to the model and the wall.

Was thinking about it and although I ran the car ragged for several years I don't think it ever actually made it onto a beach, it was either inside, on the road outside the house, around the local church yard or down the back of the local Bingo hall. Happy times :)

Glad I found the polaroid again as you can see its gradually starting to disappear :S





Nice picture with priceless memories I guess?
Thank you for sharing!
Regrads Peter

Mr duke


great story happy times back then thanks for sharing



You can't beat a big dose of nostalgia!!! Great pic!



Very cool, I was about 4 then lol! So fun to see old pictures



Great! I remember now overheating the MSC on my Falcon because no full throtle was possible in my room. Aah nostalgia! Must have been around '87.



I still couldn't afford any Tamiya RC in 1980. Got a Nikko RC Buggy in 1980 which lasted half a day and just died. Shop wouldn't take it back either.
Worst part of Christmas 1980 was I could see through the Christmas rapping paper that I was getting an Atari but then on Christmas Eve, it wasn't there. My Mom made my Dad return the Atari . That was not a fun Christmas for me.



Those were the days, young care free, making the most of what you had and enjoying every minute.
When I discovered a work friend was also born on Christmas day I mentioned he must dip out as Birthday's & Christmas presents were combined? But he replied it was quite the contrary as no one every forgets



Fantastic! Fortunately you could do that before it disappears!



That is awesome that you are able to dig up that old picture before it faded and disappeared . Good old 80s golden years for me as well. Thanks for the post brings back good childhood memories .



Love this retro picture. those brown carpets ...

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