Model: (Click to see more) 58138: Renault Clio Williams
Status: Project
Date: 12-Sep-2019
Comments: 2
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This one actually was a long time project of mine. I had the old FF-01 from the first ever german 24h race 1998 in pieces in a box., waiting for a new life. I also had this short wheelbase HPI Peugeot 106 body. So why not combine the two and create a swb frontrunner?
This is what I came up with. To make the chassis wider, I used long axles in the rear and TA-01 parts in the front.
The motor I used was a TrinityP2K 27 Turn motor from days gone by. Well...what a fun machine on the track!

4 Track testing the Pug 1 widened front 11 ...and rear 4 before I widened the chassis 3 4 Do you like it?

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Cool looking car!



Great looking car, I love 106s. And FF-01s!

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