Model: (Click to see more) 58184: Fighter Buggy
Status: Project
Date: 16-Sep-2019
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I had this old Fighter Buggy in my closet which was our Team car from a endurance FB-race back in the 90's (see pic from the original race)
I always had the vision to add a Scorcher body and one or two chassis-improvements to it. Now was the time to do it, because we added a 'beam-axle'-class to the VOREM2019 - the germen vintage meeting.

The front-end was modified by adding DT02/02 wishbones and and upright and a GPM aluminium brace after modifying the front bumper.

The upper links were made using a 3mm threaded rod with a carbon-tube over it to strengthen it all.
What looks unusual is the steering rod and the inverted steering parts to lessen the bump-steer.
I added Tamiya CVA-shocks with 25WT oil, wich seemed quite perfect.

The Tamiya TBLE-02S speedo was a good choice to power the Carson Cup Machine motor with 19T steel pinion.

The body of choice was a Sand Scorcher lexan replica by Kamtec. I tried to do a baja-style paint job.
I hope you like it. ;)

8 9 Modified bumper waiting for the new parts 11 mounted 9 This is the modified front end 16 body fitting 15 ready to rumble 12 The yellow Fighter was used for this project.

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Love that last pic! FB looks good with the bug shell too!



Love fake Scorchers, nice work chap.

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