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Status: Project
Date: 21-Sep-2019
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Being a rally fan especially Group B and its predecessor Group 4, thought it was time to get my favourite driver's car that he won the drivers world championship with in 1980, Walter Rorhl's Fiat 131. The only 131 that I could find on the market at the time was a Rally Legends one that had the Alen/Kivimaki 1981 rear light set up and decals. I wanted the 1980 Rohrl/Geistdorfer version with the different rear light configuration and Monte Carlo decals. So I bought a       £70 body in from Germany with took 5 weeks to arrive and then scarily took a scalpel to it!

Work carried out: Cut out and reworked the rear lights, cut out the front grill and reworked that too, now both rear and front had lenses, housings and working led lights. Touched body up with paint where it had been very thinly applied at the factory. Panel lined the body and applied the custom 1980 Monte Carlo decals I had custom made. Made from scratch mud-flaps along with exhaust, tow-loop, aerial, bonnet air intake, fog-lights, indicators, door handles and the boot latches. Hope you like, thanks if you read this far.

P.S. Please click link at bottom of pics to see it before my work.

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nice and clean



Sweet and unique!!!!



Looks superb






Thank you guys.



I like the wheels on this, they fitthis car perfectly.

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