Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 29-Sep-2019
Comments: 16
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My longest project so far, bought second hand nearly 30 years ago, it was in a bad state and broken, it was obvious it had suffered a severe front impact at some point. Me and my dad could not get it running nor could we source any new parts. At that time there was no internet and I had no real idea about RC cars, so much so that this ended up being allocated to the loft.

Fast forward about 20 years and Id recently given up BMXing and MTBing and had a void in my life, that's when I searched Tamiya on the internet and stumbled upon Tamiyaclub. As you know one thing leads to the next                               €š ¬Ã… ¡       ¬               ¦ So I was buying, restoring and running Tamiyas and eventually one day I thought why not get the Landjump out the loft? Little did I know it was going to take another 10 years to source the broken parts and also in the process of restoring I found out certain items on the car were incorrect.

So very slowly and bit by bit over the last 10 years it has all finally come together                               €š ¬Ã… ¡       ¬               ¦

Firstly I completely stripped it down to every nut and bolt and bagged them in sections to keep some kind of order, there was a lot of arts on this compared to most Tamiya's. I then set about cleaning every single component. Then it got boxed whilst I sourced parts I needed.

Original and correct parts sourced: OS engine and carburettor (Germany), Kyosho clutch, roll-cage and exhaust muffler (Holland). All these items were very tatty and dirty and it took a lot of elbow grease and trial and error to clean/recondition them, especially the engine. Everything cleaned and polished up nice and at some point I got the roll-cage powder coated red.

A few parts I was unable to source was the front bumper, rear petrol tank plates, the 2 front vertical plates and the servo plate inside the radio box. Thankfully I found a few companies willing to make me the parts for a drink, so the bumper and servo plate I got made from aluminium and the other parts made from brass, not ideal but it was all I could get done.

The white nylon wheels had yellowed so a nice paint job was the order. As I loved the old Cobra alloys with the jelly bean holes form the 80s that's how I painted them up, they match the roll-cage too. Tire dressing and painting the lettering was a must, plus gold 10mm locking wheel nuts.

The original air filter had rotted and was turning to dust so a mini chrome K&N I think looks nice. Got some repro decals from MCI and used them sparingly. The shock bodies had seen better days so gloss black is what I thought would look better given my choice of red for the roll-cage. All new silicone pipes as the originals were perished to the point of falling to pieces literally.

Finally a photo shoot to hopefully capture this fascinating Kyosho buggy from the early 80s.

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What a beauty



Great job mate! Amazing looking RC and very fascinating!



Amazing job, that’s a beauty for sure



WOW! Very good job! Respect!



That is pure art!



One of the best i ever saw! Top!



better late than never and it looks superb



Thank you everybody!



Looking ace, I love Landjumps



Beautiful job mate, lovely cars.



Great story that shows the passion and effort you put in this rare buggy. The result is nothing short of piece of art, you've really done an outstanding job. I love the pictures too, they showcase the model perfectly. Congrats, it's a jewel!


man this is a piece of art. those rims alone. I love those red details in the bean shaped holes. this landjump looks better than the original box art!



Thank you who ever you are



Absolutely lovely job!



Thank you SHY69

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