Model: (Click to see more) 58035: Wild Willy Willys M38
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Date: 30-Sep-2019
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Got to start by saying this is not my advice. I've just reworked the tutorial that one of members, the talented Fabrizio wrote for us many years ago. By making it a showroom entry it means it can finally appear for where it was intended, in the tutorials section. Unfortunately as fantastic as it is to see how Fabrizio puts together this paint job, and the guide shows the steps - there is still an awful of of skill, patience and a good eye required :)


For this paint job I use acrylic water base paint, like MODEL COLOR VALLEJO and GAMES WORKSHOP (English brand for fantasy miniatures and games). You need good paint brush, size 0 - 1 - 2, firm hand and a lot of patience. With those ingredients also you will make a good paint job!

So this is what we are aiming for :)

1. You start with 2 coats of white spray primer, then paint the face with pink flesh
2. When the primer dry, made a mixture with a drop of pink flesh and light brown and thin with water. You need a very thinned paint, like water colour. Paint with this mixture the face, you will see the colour darken the face fold. This is a 'Wash' a technique used by all the modellers.
3. when dry very well, apply a coat of pink flesh only on the relief of the face, like the nose and cheeks.
4. When dry, now clear up the color with a second coat of pink flesh mixed with light pink flesh, paint a smallest area on the pink base (photo 3). You will see a little edge of the first pink coat.

5. Now use the light pink flesh and paint a smallest area on the second pink coat. The color will be shaded. You can made better shaded with more then 3 pink coat.
6. Eyes, With very dark brown, paint the eyes and the outline face.
7. Now the white (remember 2 coat) let see a fine line of dark brown.
8. Paint the iris with black ( stay well-balanced with iris).

9. Paint a white coat on the iris, let see a fine line of black.
10. Now paint de iris, I chose a light green.
11. the pupil in black.
12. Eyebrow in dark brown.

13. The reflex of the light on the iris... paint 2 small point of white, like the picture.
14. The white balaclava of the driver.
15. The black rubber edge of the helmet.
16. Now masking the face with tamiya mask tape.

17-18. Paint a base layer with spray can or airbrush, the helmet.
19. Add first colour of foliage
20. Add second colour of foliage

21. Add third colour of foliage and when paint dry add a few veins to the leaves.
22. Add branches!
23. Paint base layer to body (and then highlight creases and folds using a similar wash technique to the face

24. put a base later down where you intend to paint badges
25. Over paint in colour of your choosing
26. Outline seat belt straps
27. Add stitching detail to strips with silver pen

28. Finish badge detail
29. Add silver to buckles using silver pen.
30. Add helmet badges if you like

Finally, add the head... WOW! You have now a really nice Willis driver. N.B. You must paint with spray can or airbrush, 2 coats of enamel matt varnish, this is for to strengthen your paint job.




Thanks a lot - incredible...but having some experience with this, pic 9 tells me, that I can never achieve that level. I fear that is a problem of missing skills and patience and good eye



That is by far the best Willys paint job that I ve seen . . . .



You make it look so simple!
But it is not, it takes a lot of practise. This will certainly help understand the layering required to achieve the fabulous end result. Thanx for sharing!



Fantastic! Could you please show us the exact paints that you used?



Very nice!



Thanks for posting skills are some what average in the painting department but this could be helpful!



Great tutorial, most importent, take your time for it.



You did a very nice job!
Thanks for sharing this tutorial.



Just to be clear again, as per the description, this is not my work I’m just reposting a tutorial the club was given a while ago. Wish I was this good!



Excellent Tutorial, always wondered how you got the fine outlines
Added this to my Bookmarks !!
You forgot Step #35 'Or you can skip all this and buy one from ME !!! '
Well done, it's always nice to share...



wow! great






I keep coming back to this - awesome tutorial.

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