Model: (Click to see more) 58660: Dynahead 6X6
Status: Runner
Date: 4-Oct-2019
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Sold my two CR-01's to get Dynahead no 3.
It's such a good kit, building and running that it quickly made the cr-01 redundant to me.
My shelfer has lots of hopups and the portal axles, this one will be built by Xmas non-TR to replace my konghead and king yellow runners.
Still deciding whether to sell the portals.......

UPDATE 16/10/2019
Build started now all extra parts have arrived

UPDATE 23/10/2019
Just body to do now.....
Steel 18t pinion
Tamiya super stock BZ motor
Extension lead for steering servo
Full ball bearings
3x 53974 Blue Hard springs
Built as G6-01 'speed' spec, required 6 wheel axles.

UPDATE 11/11/2019
Painted body in Gunmetal (instead of light gunmetal)
Tested on dry tarmac, ever so slightly tippy compared to the konghead
Tyres grip well at speed.
Front grill is very thin, so I have added a section of lexan with shoo goo
Will change esc connector soon.

UPDATE 23/01/2020
New pictures showing start of conversion to wr-02cb wishbone arms. The tyres have more grip than konghead ones, so this will increase stability.

UPDATE 16/02/2020
Conversion to wider wr-02cb arms complete

UPDATE 26/03/2020
Did a proper test yesterday of the wider arm setup, came across an issue where when turning the drive shafts were popping out!.
Using the 51216 drive shafts that the comical buggies use (although they don't need them for steering) I found that for steering, the gearbox joints need two 3mm o-rings, the wheel side axles need one o-ring. So far so good!
For the other four wheels one o-ring each side of the drive shaft seems ok.

51216 drive shafts pin to pin are approx 45mm, 48/50mm would be better if anyone knows of they exist?

47 44 Clever design 17 Huge chassis/gearbox! 14 19 16 25 20 13 Wr-02cb green arms 19 51216 longer dogbones 16 11


HornetRacer 1971


This is kit growing on an RC Tank that I have my eye

Thing is the Tank is £600 I still want an Agrios!

So I better ask Santa for one of these.......



I would love one look pretty good fun!

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