Model: (Click to see more) 58154: AM General M1025 Hummer
Status: Restored
Date: 11-Oct-2019
Comments: 10
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Bought at a local auction site in a sorry unfinished state.
Body was painted green and all the parts were there, luckily!
As Tamiya Hummers are pretty boring, I decided to spice things up...
I wanted to make a desert camo instead of the green camo cuz this is more unique.
And besides that, you can highlight the details so much better with a little bit of weathering!
Cuz the lower part of the grille was missing, I decided to use the bumper of the chassis to make things a bit more attractive.
I bought scale handles and chain/hook from eBay, Euro 5,15 (for this kind of money you can't make 'm yourself, right?)

I also added a Gatling minigun 1/6th scale, also from eBay, Euro 3,48 incl. shipping.
This was my idea to complete the mounting spot on the roof, otherwise it looks just so empty...

Cuz the Hummer is 1/10th scale the 1/6th scale gun became a 6-barrel .50 cal (normally .304 cal), now that's a GUN!

This is my second Hummer, maybe you've seen my first one...
I think I just like them...
No, I LOVE THEM!!! :-))

5 3 5 3 5 Incendairy/tracer (blue/red) every 10th round... 4 4 Added mesh at the grill... 2 3 Armour piercing rounds too... 2 2 Can you spot the sun weathered the paint? 5 Rust, not to be overdone... 1 Just be gentle on the rust, it's tempting... 2 1 Made a stand for the gun... 1/6th scale is too big so I added bike handles... You can buy these things on eBay cheap... 1 Assembled gun, quite a nice kit... 3 Cheap on eBay and lot of parts... 3 The beginning...

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
The Camel




What a difference with the beginning! Weathering looks ace, very nice detailing. Got the windscreenwipers stolen? The windscreen looks like they have been there but now there gone



Thx bro!
My pleasure!
I'm just lazy, may add them later.
Or maybe I sell it, still undecided...






What a beauty, can't go wrong putting a mini gun on anything!



Really well done Dee, the overall look is stunning and the weathering effects are perfect!! And yes, I remember your Martini Rossi themed H1



Hehehe, Steve!
TC is quite quiet these days, right?
Thx for the compliment!



Lovely piece of work (as usual) mr. Miller!



That is fantastic Dee, you know I love the Humvee thats why I have 3 of them all customised with scale items I made from scratch. All mine are camo as I havent got around to doing a desert version yet though its always been something Ive wanted to do. That is superb I really like it a lot, its beautiful! Its clever what you've done with the bumper, I never thought of that. Excellent work Dee! Oh and if you are serious about selling it please give me first refusals.



James, if I ever want to sell it, it's to you as you have some real passion on the Hummer, lol!
I'll let you know but right now I want to enjoy my own work for a little bit more....

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