Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Runner
Date: 21-Oct-2019
Comments: 4
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I raced some Mids in the 80s and always loved the model for being pretty solid. So, it was my first choice, after I heard about vintage racing and found a track nearby. I'm not a die hard old school guy, so my race car had to handle modern equipment incl a 10.5 brushless motor.

It started our as a cheap wreck and was converted to Optima 2016 ball diffs, modern 48dp gears, Team Associated slipper and much more

7 let's get this started 8 3D printed gearbox, Losi, HPI and Kyosho gears... 3 Asso slipper 7 nearly done 5 race day




Smart looking buggy!



Might get around to converting mine to 48p one day. How does she run? Looks gorgeous!


Dude that's awesome! Can you list all parts used.



I took all parts from this list here
[Click here]
Not cheap, but worth every cent. Runs super smooth and holds up very well

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