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Status: Runner
Date: 27-Oct-2019
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I built the original of this nearly 10 years ago now, and very nearly stripped it for parts (For the axles and electronics) for another project. However, that project went bad, so I decided to give this a make over. I've machined about 150grams of metal out of the gearbox casings, and pocketed the chassis rails to lose some more weight and also remove a lot of scratches. I also rounded off a lot of the sharp edges on the original machining to give it a slightly less amateurish look. It's also got my own double wheel system on it, which adds a bit of weight low down without resorting to wheels weights. it's also got some revised spacers for the bottom of the shocks to straighten them up a bit and I decided to paint the chassis matt black, and also where possible to polish the bare aluminium round parts in the lathe.

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that is one cool and serious looking Lunchbox!



WOW , this is crazy good , I love it , into my fav's it goes



Tamiya take note, this is how it should be done!
Great to see this again, and with updates too! It was always a fantastic and original build so it's nice to see that the beast still lives.



Great idea and execution!!

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