Model: (Click to see more) 58502: Blitzer Beetle 2011
Status: Runner
Date: 27-Oct-2019
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'R' is for racing! Well I know that the Blitzer family never was intended to be racing cars. But I enjoy improving every aspect of a car to make it a better performer and even surprise one or two 'better' cars on the track.
First I wanted to have a proper steering system, other than the wobbly direct-link servo-saver steering.
I was looking at other cars and found the M-07 steering might fit.
I ordered the Yeah Racing aluminium-version and made it fit. My trusty Savox 1257TG Servo was repositioned.
Steering-links and upper wishbones were exchanged by titanium links by 3racing. Steel balls and TRF ball cups were also added.
Next up were the shocks. As in some of my other project cars the excellent Losi 22 shocks are used in my Blitzer too.
The beautiful but heavy Beetle body had to go and a lexan-beetle (by Kamtec) took its place.
In part 2 of the report you see which motor and speedo I use and maybe some more improvements.
Tell me what you think so far.

23 23 Body off shot 12 M-07 steering fitted 19 Losi shocks fit quite nicely 25

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Mad Ax


Great work, I love to see subtle improvements like this. I have also upgraded a Blitzer but not to this extent. I may borrow some of your sources :o



Love the steering mod. If you indeed intend on track use, perhaps some added support to the front and rear shock towers would be in order.



I like it! Nice improvement on the steering.



@ Killajb: There is something in the works for the shock towers Keep watching



Great the body and livery!

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