Model: (Click to see more) 99985: Yokomo
Status: Project
Date: 30-Oct-2019
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Hi all I've been busy over the last couple of months accumulating a few winter projects for those long nights in the UK over winter !! first off i got a vintage rc 10 gold pan and a old ralt F2 chassis ,a big shout out to Liam for those and giving me the opportunity to work on them and bring them back to life I've never restored a rc10 gold pan before I think it's a early one as it's got the A stamp and it's light anodised gold so I think it's the erdinger factory anyway it came to me virtually complete just missing its wing and a few nuts and bolts which was good news as everything is imperial size :) ahh the good old days hopefully when we're out of Europe we can go back to all the old measures and measurements half a pound of smoked bacon please!! Anyway if anyone's got any info let me know on the rc10 it's a real well built buggy.

Next up the ralt chassis this will need a bodyset and a few bits and bobs I'll do that one last and if anybody's got a bodyshell let me know :),

Finally up is the yokomo yz10 or 870c I haven't a clue which model or what year it is so any info would be much appreciated another big thank you to Jakob in Denmark for letting me purchase this beauty I can't thank you enough as I've been trying to get my hands on one for about 10-12 yrs cheers Jakob your a diamond it's come to a loving home here in the uk :),
I do know it has a lot of anodised alloy parts on it the front arms are gold and the shock tower, front gear casing ,main chassis ,and upper chassis are red aluminium so I think hot trick hop up parts not sure on the gold front arms also the front hubs are aluminium the red parts looks like someone has sprayed part of them black !! looks like this has been raced as well any info on the parts would be welcome ,
Looks like I'm going to be busy over the next 3 months I'd better get cracking the rc 10 is what I'm working on now it's been fully stripped and rebuilt haven't a clue what version the body shell is and it needs a wing as well enjoy the pics

9 Early Gold pan rc 10!! 6 Ah that's better!! 4 Nice !! 6 Don't make them like this anymore!! 6 Parma motor!! 3 Dynamite tyres!! 2 Novak time all working!! 7 Dogfighter time!!Love the paint scheme!! 10 Red!! Hot trick??? 5 Gold front arms!! 6 More red!! 8 Oh yeah old skool!! 7 Spares!! Anyone got a spare rear gold alloy arm!! 6 Alloy everywhere!! 2 What series model anyone?? 4 Someone's painted this lovely chassis!! 4 More red alloy!! 4 Nail polish remover works a treat!! 4 What she'll is this came with the car!! 3 Ralt F2




Love the vintage goodness of the RC-10 resto especially the brushed motor and orange Novak ESC. I picked up a re-re RC-10 classic when they first came that remains NIB. I don't know much about the YZ-10's but I do have one from 1988 that I freshened up 6-7 years ago and it looks dated compared to yours. However, that aftermarket chassis and all the alloy goodies make it difficult for my UNtrained eye to tell but you could have a modded early-mid 90's version.

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