Model: (Click to see more) 58045: The Hornet
Status: Project
Date: 4-Nov-2019
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A while ago I picked up an unassembled but not untouched Mk1 Hornet quasi NIB. I decided I'd build it but set it aside to do 'later'. I've been pretty inactive with Tamiya et al for a few years but getting more active again now and decided to build it while waiting for trick-or-treaters to ring the doorbell this Halloween.

The Mk1 is significantly different even from other vintage Hornet kits. The motor doesn't come with bullet connectors; the MSC wiring is all unfinished save for one end of a fuse socket - the fuse is non-optional; two fuses are included; the battery connector isn't attached so you need to hand-splice one wire to the MSC lead and the other to the other end fuse socket, which has some plastic tubing around where the fuse goes. The MSC wires also need to be hand-spliced to the motor, and all of the splices are shrink-tubed with a hair dryer. There's also no metal resistor cover, and the resistor plate is black.

I'll do another entry once the body is ready from TCer Mincemeat.

9 Obviously the kit number is 5845 14 IIRC there is some small difference in the chassis 16 MSC work - see instructions below 15 New matching vintage radio set 15 Wiring all done 10 Assembling the wheels 18 Chassis is finished




I love it! And the Challenger radio gear is just fantastic. That stuff is SWEET!



I never knew that these had twitched together wiring, must’ve been early vintage for sure



Very nice . I guess you soldered the wires now - not just twisted them . I had some nip MSC's from the GH which had the black plate and fuse etc , they looked so ancient but there is something about them , Tamiya history



I actually just twisted them and used a hair dryer to shrink the tubing just as per the instructions. I wanted to do this one exactly according to the manual, right down to the plastic bearings etc. The only exception is leaving off the rubber bag over the MSC since those turn into gum and stick to everything.



Hi Beef how do mate, such an enjoyable and relaxing build is the Hornet! Any version!

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