Model: (Click to see more) 47350: Top Force 2017
Status: NIB
Date: 8-Nov-2019
Comments: 5
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Technically the top force was the second car I ever owned after I traded my original sand scorcher for one back in the day. They've always had a special place in my heart from them on, there is just something so feline about how they move. Had this on pre-order from modelsport forever and it finally arrived today :) don't forget you can win your own in this Christmas competition !

Looking forward to building this one :)





Very nice buggy, good timing with all the rain recently! A nice cosy tamiya build in the warm! Just what the doctor ordered!
I will have a try at winning one In the comp!



Just the same old paint job dilemma to get over again. Box or not?



Yeah not sure about that! A tough decision! Black with black wheels looks sleek! But then with a nice metallic green the box art would look smart! Damn you have got me involved now!! Sure it will look great in most options!



You could use the topforce decals and the bigwig boxart paint scheme, just to get people confused I think this one looks nice in every color.



Nice score! I was so excited when I got my first one that I end up adding another NIB re-re to the collection.

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