Model: (Click to see more) 58063: Lunchbox
Status: Project
Date: 27-Nov-2019
Comments: 4
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Years ago I did my first Lunchbox from parts using a re-release body shell. I re-did it later with vintage decals on the same re-re body, since it's extremely hard to find a new vintage Lunchbox body. There were two problems: 1) it was not all vintage; and 2) the color yellow was too bright. I decided I hated it because of the color and sold it. Since then I'd searched high and low and finally came across an original body set for a decent price because it came in a Midnight Pumpkin box rather than the correct box... but it was all there.

I hadn't gotten to it for years but finally decided to tackle it. This time I chose Tamiya Camel Yellow, which is a darker and richer shade of yellow. I wasn't sure if it would be too dark or too orange in hue but I took a chance on it. Turns out it is exactly perfect for what I was looking for. I laid down 2-3 coats of light grey primer then the whole can of Camel Yellow (2-3 coats) and am really happy with the result. I did up the detail painting and assembly of the body and today I did the decals. It came out really great IMO and I just need to resurrect the all-original chassis I have to finish the job. You can see in the last pic the previous one and it's too-bright shade of yellow.

6 Body painted, Camel Yellow - looks delicious. 4 The color looks really delicious! 6 Who knows how to tell these are vintage decals? 5 Nearly there... 9 All done! 6 Rear view. 3 This means it's 100% vintage. 5 The old one with the bad yellow - look at Mini4WD! 2 11 6




Great work! Nothing better than a LB in it's yellow jacket and shoes. I have NIB re-re and a used original beater the latter of which I'm going to do the same thing with.



Gorgeous Lunchbox. And it's all vintage. That's GOOD stuff indeed!

Crash Cramer


I think the K&N filter decals would be the mark of the vintage decals on that sheet, I'm sure there are other clues, but licensed stuff usually is where the re re's fall short. For us lazy non painters, the yellow molded body helped me out, but I can now see it is a bit TOOO Yellow. As far as beaters and runners, could always plop in some full lighting effects from 3D printer.



Chris! Hey was there a yellow molded body? I've seen only white, vintage and re-re, plus the black re-re. Entirely possible though. Yeah the K&N filter plus a number of other real brand decals... but the special difference with the Lunchbox decals is that in the re-release the van cartoon on the flanks is merged with the lightning bolt decal, while on the original as you can see they are separate and you apply the one on top of the other.

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