Model: (Click to see more) 58077: Mud Blaster
Status: Project
Date: 3-Dec-2019
Comments: 2
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In keeping with a trend, I've been finishing up a number of vintage bodies to replace any I'd done previously that were re-re, repro, or had re-re or repro components. I've recently done my Clod Buster, Grasshopper, and Lunchbox and last week I got to the Mud Blaster. I'd done one a while back with vintage decals on a re-re Brat body and I spent a few years sourcing all the vintage bits I needed to redo it all vintage original.

Finding a vintage unfinished Brat body proved too difficult/expensive so I got my hands on a previously worked on one - I don't remember exactly from where/whom but it may have been another member here - and added to that all the other correct vintage parts, including the correct lightly-tinted window parts (the clear and dark tinted ones aren't correct for the Mud Blaster). To get the body evenly colored I laid down 3 coats of grey primer over the whole body, temporarily attaching the nose and tail sections. Then I applied 3-4 coats of Italian Red. The result is a nice rich red color - maybe a bit darker than I'd imagined but it looks good. Then I did the detail painting and applied the vintage decals. I didn't do a 100% perfect job with detailing but good enough for me.

The previous body, which does look nice enough on its own (see link to related model), will be going on a runner chassis when I get around to it.

2 Painted and ready for decals 7 3 4 I did a quick and dirty job on the driver 4 Vintage embossing under the shell 3 This means the shell is vintage original 7 Working on the decals 6 Nearly done 5 All done 9 Not bad! 10 Overall I'm happy with the results 4 Will add pics of it on the chassis soon 2 3 1 4

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Nicely finished & reminded me I have a NIB Mud Blaster bodyset to find in the attic !



You are one lucky NIB bodyset-having *****! =)

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