Model: (Click to see more) 47361: Landfreeder Matte Black Special
Status: NIB
Date: 10-Dec-2019
Comments: 2
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Landfreeder Matte Black Special. This appears to be the first addition of the Landfreeder Black Special on TC. I'm typically loathe to pick up the 'color specials.' This is only my second special edition purchase; I once had the Subaru Brat Metallic Edition, but sold it many years ago still NIB. Nonetheless, I couldn't pass up the Cyber Monday deal Towerhobbies had going on + the member coupon. I will definitely be building this kit in the near future.

25 Side 14 Front 14 Bottom




Fun chassis to drive



Thanks, Wyoming. I, too, love the CC-01 - this is my sixth (!!) CC-01. Although I am looking forward to trying out the CC-02 (just saw your new post), but waiting on a kit with a plastic ABS body.

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