Model: (Click to see more) 58603: Volkswagen Amarok
Status: New built
Date: 14-Dec-2019
Comments: 3
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Volkswagen Amarok on the WT-01N chassis. 01/03/2020 Update: Completed build, despite a poor paint job. Stock except for ball bearings throughout. Scroll down for picture of the completed model.

December 2020 Update: Completed a Brat body shell to replace the Amarok body shell that I mistakenly backed with TS paint instead of PS paint, leading the paint peeling off. I also replaced the stock motor with a Tamiya Dirt Tuned motor. Updated pictures added below.

30 Front 33 Bottom 20 Side 27 Top 28 Right Front 17 Right Side 15 Chassis 22 New Brat body on the WT-01 (Front) 15 New Brat body on the WT-01 (Side)




Neat chassis, esy to convert to a twin motor 4wd setup also



I quite fancy one of these to bash about with!
Look ideal for the beach!



Yes, I'm just wrapping up the build - it definitely looks like it'll be a great basher, and right at home on the beach!

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