Model: (Click to see more) 58649: NSU TT Jagermeister
Status: Runner
Date: 10-Jan-2020
Comments: 5
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This Mini started as an NSU M05 kit but I fitted this 'Phat' Cooper body shell to it. I drive this car every day hence the rather battered body. It comes to work with me and I bash it at lots of different places along my travels. It's fitted with a SKYRC 17.5T brushless censured combo and fueled by a 2s lipo. It has lights that are operated using the receiver's 3rd channel. I drive it at night quite often and the LEDs are a must. There are lots of upgrades including Yeah racing's long span suspension kit that gives it plenty of suspension travel and voltage telemetry so I can monitor usage from my transmitter.

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That's one mean mini!!



Hi, nice car!!! I love the body, what brand is it?



Sure looks like fun to me



pvalen, it's a 'Phat' body. Available on Ebay in the UK.

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