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Date: 11-Jan-2020
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Description: Tamiya Sealed Battery + Battery Charger
Sub description: N/A
Item number: 5504; RB004; 55004
Release date/year: 26-07-1977
Countries of purchase: Japan (NP3-6.6V3.8AH); The Netherlands (NP4-6W.6V4.0AH)
Condition: One brand new in box. Other one is used but in fair condition.

Years ago i found a Tamiya lot at a local auction site containing the Tamiya sealed battery with specification NP4-6W.6V4.0AH. The corresponding green charger was included together with two adapters to fit the power socket here in Holland. Strange because the voltage of the charger is 110V and in Holland we use 220V.

A few months ago i found a brand new set in Japan. But as you see, the specs on this one is NP3-6.6V3.8AH. And looking at the picture from the Tamiya Perfect 30 years anniversary book, there is a discrepancy. The text says 3.8AH. The pictures says 4.0AH version.

I'm thinking that due to Dutch and/or European law/regulations the battery that was produced for export had other specifications than the one for the domestic Japanse market (??).

This battery was mainly used for the first RC Tamiya Tanks.

All in all a nice addition to the collection since i have never ever seen any New In Box example anywhere in the last 20 years.

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Amazing find! Gorgeous pieces.



Gorgeous batts ! Must be hyper rare ! I didn't know these exist...



Great stuff. They look like military surplus stock

Tamiya Freak69


Dear sir ,I'm a collector of vintage Tamiya R/C can you please contact me I want ask you something.Thanks in advance and friendly greetings



@ Philippe: Just did
@ All others: Many thanks for the comments. I love these batteries and chargers. It's a comfortable feeling that these Tamiya items will never be re-issued. More of them will be upload soon.



wow you don't see these very often

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