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Status: Other
Date: 13-Jan-2020
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Description: Tamiya RC Back Pack
Sub description: N/A
Item number: 66145 and/or 9345
Release date/year: 1986
Countries of purchase: Japan
Condition: New In Box / Unused

Great find this RC Back Pack. I used to own a used example which i got in a Tamiya Lot. From that moment on the chase was on to find a NIB one. Only one or two showed up and went for a lot of money. Until i found this one which was reasonably priced. In Europe this Back Pack is rare as far as i know. In the last 20 years of collecting i've only seen a few pics here at TC.
So cool to see the pictures/drawings of a young lad being cool with his Back Pack. Imagine how you would like riding your bike with this on your back.
And how convenient that you can wear it both on the back as well as on your shoulder.
Great there is a Propo bag too, but this cannot be put in the Back Pack once it holds a car... hmmm.
The pink label warns you that the bag might shrink in the washing machine. Also it tells you to get the plastic inserts out before putting it in the washing machine.
I love the army like colours of the back pack. Real Japanse style.

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Another amazing find! I love these bags, I've never seen NIB one before. I do have a duffel version of this, even though I handwashed it it shrank a lot.



Brilliant......Awesome too!



How neat, can't be too many of these around, they are usually really expensive and don't sell well when new, I think they have a few of this type of thing on Tamiya USA at the moment like a Touring car carrying box and pit trolley both very expensive but sure to be rare in the future like this one. Thanks for sharing I'd never seen one



So cool, and the box art is amazing to boot!!



Thank you all for the comments. It’s so cool how much time and effort they put in the box art back then. Each and every packaging from bags to batteries to cars had hand drawn prints on it.

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